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Linux support for Innospec spectral camera systems




  • libspeccam: Shared libraries for accessing the cameras and pre-calculation of the images and two simulation tools.
  • libspeccam-dev: Header-files and documenation for building custom applications.
  • libspeccam-testdata: Spectral image files for testing.
  • speccam-demo: A simple demo application for testing.


Download the public key and add the key to your apt keyring.

# wget
# apt-key add

Add the repository to your /etc/apt/source.list file. For Debian use:

deb jessie non-free

For Ubuntu use:

deb precise non-free

Update your repository database:

# apt-get update

Install the needed packages:

# apt-get install libspeccam speccam-demo libspeccam-testdata

Start the demo application from the desktop menu and choose following connection settings and change host MAC and host IP to your local settings.

Start the image capture process in the demo applicaiton and start the simulation tool from the console:

$ speccam_camera_test 5000 252 320 333 /usr/share/libspeccam/testdata/Kunststoff-LX.bin